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Passionate About Accelerating Leaders

To whom much has been given, much is expected. As a kid, I was abused and abandoned by my father, raised by a single Mom with four mouths to feed, and I lost both of my brothers to drugs and alcohol. It's not where you start in life. It's how you finish. I have had a unique seat at the table of some of the most respected organizations in America. I started two churches and served on five pastoral leadership teams. I have led marketing organizations, published resources for growing churches, sponsored National and International research on the smaller church, effective evangelism, and the condition of men

in the church, researched new global evangelism strategies, and gave leadership to some of the most significant events, festivals, and conferences worldwide. I have had great successes and significant failures in life,  business, and ministry. I aim to leverage everything God has invested in me for CEOs to maximize their kingdom impact. I run toward opportunities to be a blessing, especially to those in the household of faith - Galatians 6:10.

As an executive at Promise Keepers, I helped shape one of the greatest movements of God in our lifetime, reaching more than a million men annually. I've led capital campaigns to expand church facilities and rescue missions. I have recruited talent for the mission field and ministries. I have led mission, medical, and leadership adventures around the world.

My academic pursuits allowed me to graduate from a Bible College, Seminary, and University focusing on theology, mobilizing men and women to serve and understanding the unique roles they both contribute to ensuring a healthy church. I have led worship teams, preached to thousands in arenas and stadiums, and mobilized men into small groups in more than 30 countries worldwide. All this experience was God-given, and he requires that I invest it in others.

I serve as unto God, coaching Lead Pastors and Christian Non-Profit CEOs, giving my ever-growing knowledge base away (I read around 50 books annually).  My more than 40 years of leadership learning come from some of the best pastors, authors, Business CEOs, and historical mentors. I give everything I have to God, my clients, and the men I mentor. Please think of me as part of your executive team or a fractional executive who coaches CEOs, their lead teams, and as needed, I execute strategies, projects, and tasks to advance my clients' missions.

Dr. James R. Copeland, Sr. - Biography


Dr. Jim Copeland serves as a business coach to executives and organizations such as Promise Keepers, CORE Leadership, Life of Valor Men's Ministry, Christ's Body Ministries among others. Dr. Copeland served as the International Director of Journey Corps and Director of Recruitment for WorldVenture, Vice President of Operations for Dare 2 Share Ministries, Vice President of U.S. for Emerging Young Leaders, and seven years with Promise Keepers, where he served as Vice President of US and International Ministries.


Dr. Copeland has served on the Board of Directors for international ministries in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Jim has launched ministries in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Latin America, ministering in more than 30 countries worldwide. Jim is a popular speaker worldwide on a wide variety of topics including Men’s Ministry, Fathering, Discovering Your Destiny and Leadership.


Dr. Copeland has also held executive positions in advertising, marketing, and church growth organizations. His research, in the area of evangelism and leadership, includes several national surveys, international research on the condition of men and the church, and articles. He is the co-author of Men’s Ministry, Every Man Ministering, 1994, and Women’s Ministry, A Model for Mobilizing and Equipping Women for Ministry, 1994.


Dr. Copeland planted two churches and also served in five churches for over 30 years and currently serves as an Elder in his church in Colorado. His education includes a master’s degree in theology and a doctorate in ministry.


Jim resides in Westminster, Colorado, with his wife Denise and has two sons: James (married to Kelly and serves the citizens of Albuquerque as a Fire Fighter) and Sterling (married and pastors at Christ Body Ministries, serving the homeless community of Denver).


  • Bachelor of Divinity, Mid-Atlantic Bible College

  • Master of Theology, Mid-Atlantic Seminary

  • Doctor of Ministry, Louisiana Baptist University

Current and Past Clients


  • Pastor and Church Planter

  • Corporate and non-profit Executive Leadership

  • KeepGrowing Inc., Associate Coach

  • Dream Giver, Coach

Executive Experience

  • Moreno Valley News, Publisher

  • Foothill Journal, Publisher

  • Copeland & Associates, President & CEO

  • Church Growth Institute, Director of Advertising

  • Promise Keepers, V.P. International, V.P. Development

  • Emerging Young Leaders, V.P. of U.S. Ministries

  • World Venture, Director of Recruiting
  • Conference Ministries International, President & CEO

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